Structured Settlements Drawn Out  

A Structured Settlement is a series of tax- free guaranteed payments arising from a settlement due to an injury.  This video give you an overview of the possible benefits of structuring. 

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For over 35 years, the federal government has encouraged injury victims and their dependents to use structured settlements by means of favorable tax rules for injury victims. Structured settlements have also attracted strong support from plaintiff attorneys, state attorneys general, legislators, judges, and disability advocates.

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Pacific Life Structured Attorney Fees  

A benefit of structuring attorney’s fees is the deferral of paying income taxes. This video demonstrates how using the Index-Linked Annuity Payment Adjustment Rider (ILAPA) adds another potential benefit by increasing payments over time.

What is the 'Standard & Poor's 500 Index - S&P 500'

The Standard & Poor's 500 Index (S&P 500) is an index of 500 stocks seen as a leading indicator of U.S. equities and a reflection of the performance of the large cap universe, made up of companies selected by economists. The S&P 500 is a market value weighted index and one of the common benchmarks for the U.S. stock market;

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